Our goal is to set aside 1 % of the Norwegian Oil Fund’s return to a Climate Fund every year.


We are an organization that believes Norway has responsibility for climate change that has mostly affected poor countries.


Norway’s enormous wealth is partly based on oil and gas, which has contributed to global warming with major consequences.


We will therefore work to ensure that every year 1 % of the Oil Fund’s return is set aside to an International Climate Fund.


Climate change is upon us and the Government Pension Fund (the Norwegian Oil Fund) has grown tremendously and has now passed NOK 10,000 billion. In other words, Norway is extremely rich.

In recent years, climate change and environmental problems have escalated with significant costs to people and nature worldwide. Our oil and gas have been contributing to this and Norway, therefore, have a responsibility to correct it.

This climate fund will have an international focus on long-term and preventative measures. Countries that have no special funds or expertise should receive extra help.

The fund will also support innovations, ideas, research and otherwise what can contribute to realignment. Furthermore, it is envisaged that the Fund may distribute awards and establish Climate Centers in Norway and aboad.

beautiful Norway

Picture: Stegastein, Aurland, Norway; photo: Robert Bye


We collect signatures and if you agree with the statement below feel free to sign and spread the campaign.

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